Remco was a post-doctoral fellow (funded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) working on the evolution of resistance genes in Solanum chilense. He is now Junior group leader in the Chair of Phytopathology at TUM.

Daniel was a post-doctoral fellow (funded by the DFG SPP 1590) working on mathematics of host-parasite ceovolution models. He worked at the LMU Munich before with Prof. W. Stephan.

Saurabh is a PhD student from India with a degree in Biological sciences and Bioengineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. After dealing with NGS data for human applications in a company in India, he decided to work on genome evolution in maize. He was studying the genetic causes and consequences of domestication. Saurabh has submitted his thesis in November 2016 and will work at LMU Munich in the group of Prof. Jochen Wolf.

Florence is a PhD student from France with a degree in Plant Biology and Agronomy from AgroParisTech. She has been working on theoretical aspects of plant and animal domestication, and in particular on how to use pedigree and polymorphism data to study past demographic and selective events in cattle and/or maize populations.  Florence is submitting her thesis soon, and works now at the breeding company Bejo in the Netherlands.

Giulia Schiavoni

Giulia has been a MSc student from the University of Bologna (Italy) undertaking her thesis on natural variation in resistance to Pseudomonas sp. in Solanum chilense populations. She defended succesfully her thesis in September 2016.

Michaela has an MSc degree from the Faculty of Forestry, Technical University in Zvolen, Zvolen (Slovakia). She has been an Erasmus Training student from Juli until October 2015, and further workd until March 2016 on NGS data in maize. She is now doing her PhD at the ETH in Zürich (Switzerland).

Amaryllis has joined the lab from June 2015 to January 2016 to work on maize genome evolution and genomics of wild tomato species.

Marcel Dann

Marcel has worked as a MSc student on the influence of seed banks on phylogenies. His MSc thesis is a collaboration with Prof Hanno Schäfer (TUM). He has defended successfully his thesis in October 2015.

Jean-Tristan Brandenburg

Jean-Tristan has joined us as a post-doc for four months from 01/07/2015 to work on Maize demographic history and to develop ABC methods of inference within the Synbreed project.


Di Zhang

Di was a PhD student from Northeast Normal University in China, and she was funded for one year (Sept 2014 - Aug 2015) from the China Scholarship Council to work on tomato genomics.

Education - Experience

-Sep 2014 – Sep 2015: Joint PhD student at Technische Universität München, Germany. “Genomic adaptation in wild tomato species: a whole-genome sequencing approach”
-Sep 2011 - present:
PhD candidate in Genetics, Northeast Normal University, China. “Tissue Culture-Induced Heritable Genomic Variation in Rice”
-Sep 2005 – Jul 2009:
Bachelor in Biology Science, Northeast Normal University, China


-China Scholarship Council: One year for joint-PhD studentFour years stipend for PhD degree at Northeast Normal University
-Scholarship for excellent graduate students, academic years 2010-2011, 2012-2013